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Did I get a good bike?

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I've had a $200 Mongoose and and I have rode my brothers Trek 820 for a while, but I wanted my own real mountai bike. I've always thought that mountain biking looks awesome. I always wanted a dirt bike but never got it, so I've gone down to a park by me and rode off some jumps and gone on hills, but not the real stuff. So I went to my LBS the other day hoping to get a mountain bike. I really liked the Gary Fisher Piranha, but my mom (I'll be 15 this October) didn't want me to spend that much on it (I'm using my own money that I got when my grandma died). We compromised on the Marlin. Teh only differences that I know of are that it soesn't have disc brakes and has slightly different shifters. Is this a good bike for a beginner that hopes to really get into mountain biking and do everything? If I'm still really interested in MTB around Chiristmas I might upgrade to disc brakes and get new shifters.

Oh by the way, for the Clevelanders I'll probably start off in the metroparks and then move on to Vultures knob and those. This fall and winter I hope to go to Rays. Thanks
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you can have the best bike in the world, but it doesn't matter unless you ride it. ride it, enjoy it! you now have a nice, capable rig.
Yeah, it's a good bike...not top of the line, but not some Wallyworld BSO.

I agree with Sutherland,'ve got it, get out and ride it!

I got back riding on a special edition Marlin (now the Piranah), so I can tell you it is a good bike...but now you just have to ride, ride, ride :)
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I'm near cleveland also. What bike shop did you go to??
Like sutherland said you got the bike go ride & keep that big shiatty grin on your face. :band::thumbsup::D
show this email to your mom

Get the Piranha! Mtn biking is a sport that is a tremendous amount of fun and generally requires good equipment to participate. If you buy the cheaper stuff right out of the gate and your riding skills improve, which yours will very fast, you'll be upgrading really soon and then actually spending more money than buying the more expensive bike right off the bat. As for the Marlin versus the Piranha get the Piranha. The disc brakes will make one heck of a difference and they do work better than the standard old fashioned rim brakes. Ask you mom and dad if they have ever driven a car with all drum brakes and how the brakes worked? The brakes do make a big difference and I can't believe your mom and dad wouldn't want you to have the best control, which is what you need when you're riding a mtn bike.

I can say this with authority in that I have a very fast bike that I just purchased a set of Cane Creek Zonos rims for, but without the disc hubs, and I run Hutchinson Python tires. Previously I had absolutely no problem with my rim brakes until this switch in rims. Now I find myself going so much faster that my rim brakes are fading and grabbing, the modulation sucks, and I will need to at some point make the switch to disc specific rims. Luckily I got the Zonos rims for half price used.
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Hopefully I'll be out riding the trails this weekend. The mornings this week I have classes to go to, tomorrow my mom has to work so I'll go over to my friends house (riding my bike there) where there aren't any trails nearby, the next day I go to the same friends cottage on the lake, and Friday I have to go to the Grand Prix with the same friend to sell programs to raise money for my highschool (St. Ignatius).

I got the bike at the Eddy's Bike Shop in North Olmsted. It had to be transfered from another store, so my parents picked it up tonight. So far I have only ridden it around my neighborhood, but man, this thing is awesome! It goes very fast very easily. I don't know if it's because it has 24 speeds instead of 21 or its just lighter, but this thing is fast! It's very comfortable to ride.

Baraant, my dad wanted my to get the Piranha, its jsut my mom that didn't. She doesn't think that I will ride it that much and doesn't understand that I actually want to get into mountain biking. Oh well, I'll upgrade in a few months if I need to.
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I live a few miles down the road from Eddy's Bike Shop in North Olmsted.
I got the Piranha as it was the most expensive bike I could afford to get into the sport. Its better to buy as much bike upfront as possible since upgrading to the same bike would cost more.

But you got a good bike, its basicly the same thing as mine, I think it has a 8 speed cassete, and 1 notch lower on the derailers, a higher rise on the stem and of course the disk brakes are on the piranha.

I had to spend the extra 120$ more for those things but the Marlin by no means is a bad bike and can do anything you need it to short of "all mountain" type things.
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