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did i commit to a wrong build ?

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hey guys, i just build up my full sus bike, thing is, im having tire problems, im running mavic 819 with kenda navigator, and just ytd, while rolling around the neighborhood, i think i hit something and the next thing i know, there was this hissing sound, great! a puncture on a bike thats less than 1 month old. sealent was spitting out of the slit in the tire. i would really know if i had bought the wrong set of rims. my weight is 240lbs running a mavic 819 with tubeless kenda navigator.
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The rim is not at fault. Some random sharp pointy object cut your tire. Find the hole. Patch it. Inflate. Ride and enjoy. 819's are great hoops.

Edit: Kenda Navigator? Is this a new tire? I can't find any information regarding it.
haha, sorry for the typo error, its kenda Nevegal UST. my bad!
So a rim is to blame for a cut in the tire:confused:

Sounds like the "slit" is larger than the sealant can seal (about 1/8" is max) so you can get a patch kit and fix the existing tire or get a new tire...the rims have nothing to do with it.
819's are plenty strong for your simply cut your tire on something. Sh!t happens.....replace the tire and get back out there! :)
alright, patching up the tire now. thanks guys.

ps: do i need to re-apply the sealant after patching the tire from the inside?
Sealant is a UST tire....

is a matter of choice. A UST tire will hold air just fine without sealant. But, as you've just discovered, there can be a need for it. You can still get punctures in UST tires. For the most part sealant in a UST tire is just good insurance. In your case however the pucture or cut was just too large for the sealant to handle. So your choice on that one. Where I live we don't run tires, tubeless or tubed, without some sort of sealant. At certain times of the year we've got thorns called "goat heads" that have 4 spikes on them arranged in such a way that when they fall to the groud there is always one spike sticking straight up. They'll puncture anything from a standard tire to a heavy duty dual ply down hill tire in a heart beat. So unless we want to walk, carry a half dozen tubes on every ride, or are just feeling lucky (read stupid!), sealant is used.

Your choice, but from the sound of it, a good tire sealant would be a good idea for you.

Good Dirt
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