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Diamondback Topanga FS Please Help

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Hello I am new to the forums. I am not new to mtb. I recently just purchased the Diamondback Topanga FS. I was wondering what your guys' thoughts were about this bike. Also i like to do downhill. What type of downhill can I do with this bike? I would greatly appreciate your help. Thank You.
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my brother got this bike about a month ago, he replaced the shifters with sram x7s and he had to tweak the rear derailleur a little bit but so far he loves the bike, stops on a dime and is as tough as a diamond,
Well, it's not an "all mountain" bike as loosely defined in this particular forum. More of a low end light cross country/road sort of commuter full suspension bike. Sure, it can go downhill within limits, but it's not a good "downhill" bike (just as it isn't an "all mountain" bike). Confused yet? You sure you're not new to mountain biking?
OP is from January. If he took it downhilling, I'm guessing he answered his own question by now.
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