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If you had to choose between only two bikes due to getting a special deal and current budget, a DB Sortie 3.0 (FS) 29er or a DB Overdrive Carbon expert (HT) 29er, which would you choose?

Background: Currently riding lower end aluminum HT 29er (~32 lbs) mostly single-track trails (10-20 mile rides) NE Florida/South Georgia with a lot of roots, quick ups/downs no extended hill climbs/DH's obviously.

From research the sortie 3.0 weighs ~ 32.5 lbs, 120mm FOX Float forks and full XT build including brakes.

Carbon expert weighs ~26.5 lbs, 100mm Fox float forks, X7/29 build avid elixir 7 brakes.

Diamondback Bicycles - Overdrive Carbon Expert

Diamondback Bicycles - Sortie 3 29
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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