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Diameter of Quasimoto when mounted?

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Sorry if this is a rehash. The search function is disabled on the threads! Anyway, I have just shy of 360 mm on seatstays and chainstays. Is it worth trying to bit this tire/wheel in my frame?
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If it's a close measurement you won't really know without mounting the wheel.

The upper picture is the Quasi-moto, lower is Neo-moto. Both have the same casing, just different tread height and width.


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Only 3 mm difference?

Wow, that's not much different. I'm pretty sure it won't fit, then. The Neo Moto doesn't have enough room to fit into the dropouts. Of course, I'd like to have a mounted Quasimoto lying around to try, but it looks unlikely.
I've seen 699mm quoted for Quasi and 703 for Neo.
The image shows the tire mounted to an ISO 18mm rim. How much lower would you expect the height to be if mounted to an ISO 21mm or 25mm rim?

The distance between my rear axle and seat stay brace is 349mm -- so I'm hoping the answer is 3mm lower and 6mm lower respectively. :thumbsup:
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