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Dialup?, Anti-Pano?, Retarded? --- Don't Click!!! (x-post FR forum)

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Been taking a lot of pictures lately on my rides, and have been too lazy to post them individually, so here's a mass dump. All rides in Colorado.

Scrublover admiring the flowers.

Scrublover rolling a steep rock.

SSV area cropping

Seriously, don't mess with this girl, she knows how to fix her own shiznit!

Hartman Rocks Pano -- more bad cropping, deal!

Jason working some buffed out sections of the CT.

Davetoo and Eric on the Crest.

Some of the horrible ST we had to deal with on Monarch Crest.

Random taping my SUV recieved. If you know who did it, let me know. Payback will be had!

Where the hell am I???? **** if I know....West Mag vicinity.

Racial harmony.

The roos are dangerous in these safe out there.

That's all folks.


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nice shots, kirk. i'll have a few random shots to regurgitate here in a few days or so.

Thanks for the pics!

I'll have to make it to your neighbourhood to ride one day.
The roo's are dangerous 'round these parts. This crazy bugger loved a good ear scratch, even though I'd nothing to feed him.

Nice pics - I wish I was here for them!

ps. I've some springs for you, if you want them. I don't.


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steve3 said:
Are Kangaroos fairly docile, or are they really dangerous? Do they bite, or just kick the s*hit out of you?
All the kangaroos I met were like well-adapted housepets. Even the reds, rumored to be the most violent and unpredictable of all kangaroos - grizzlyroos, if you will. The photo above was taken in the wild, in a place supposedly not frequented by tourists (or other people that would train them by hand-feeding). Those in zoos are even friendlier, and even red kangaroos of freakish proportions are allowed to hop about among children in petting zoo-type areas.

I think the meanness of kangaroos was something Americans invented for a(nother) reason to stay home. Brown snakes, on the other hand...
Yeah...I'd like 'em back at some point. Might need them if I ever sell the fork. Should ride sometime.
Thks...if you ever make it down this way, I'd be happy to show you a few rides.
Thanks for the offer! Maybe a road trip to Colorado & Utah is in order next year.
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