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DiRt DeViL said:
Instructions please.

I use a piece of wood to push the tire back while tightening the bolts and it's getting tedious.

Your frame finish looks a lot like mine :(
It's the finish of a bike that gets ridden!

Yep, it was tedious and imprecise.

(1) Remove the wheel and slider.
(2) With amazing eyeball precision drill a 1/8" (or smaller) pilot hole. Point it along the axis of the sliding mechanism. The pilot hole is to keep the larger bit from drifting on the round surface of the chain stay. Drill the final 11/64" hole. Tap with a 5mm metric tap.
(3) Reassemble.

Usage: Set up in approximate position. Use the 5mm bolt to push the slider back until you're happy with the chain tension. Grab the wheel and adjust the left-right pointing - only the left slider moves, the drive side stays in place - pivoting on the new bolt. Lock the sliders. Back off the 5mm bolt, it's not meant to handle full pedaling stress. You can lock the bolt in with a nut to keep dirt out of the new threads.

Go ride. :)
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