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Hi, I need some advice, I am just starting a total rebuild of my 03 EnduroPro, I have had the frame resprayed, forks serviced, RL converted by Push, in short I am going for it.

The one question I am not to sure about though is the ride position, I am based in the UK and my riding is a mix of technical XC and a small amount of free riding with only minor drops/jumps, nothing over 3' or 4' at present.

Prior to the rebuild the bike had standard easton xc monkey lites bars and easton stem which I think was circa 80mm or 90mm.

I am 6' tall and weigh in at around 185 pounds, it there a way of calculating the stem length or is it a question of trial and (expensive) error and finally the same question re the bars.

My other bike is a Flux and I quite like the ride position the Flux provides, thnx in advance PB2
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