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I read somewhere that its possible to put some oil into the boost chamber to adjust bottom-out, but cant find that info anywhere. Anyone know how that goes??

Im getting pretty close to a great build with my Z1 RC2 ETA in the mail and a gravity dropper being next on the list.. now im wondering about playing with the rear suspension. Going to a CCDB or Avy seems a bit pricy at the moment so im curious how this mod might help me. I have a DHX 3.0coil. My suspension rate is completely linear, so i was hoping that this mod could help out a bit. Ideally id like to have better square edge bump performance along with better bottom out but i think thats impossible without playing with the internal shim stack.

Im also curious how much the rear suspension will change with the new fork. Ill have almost 2cm more a-c so the geometry will get slackened a bit. Maybe the rear will perform slightly different??
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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