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DHX AIR Users...? on oil...

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In my quest to perfectly tune my DHX Air, I have connected / disconnected the pump chuck many times fiddeling w/ different pressures. Each time I disconnect , a little oil sprays out. I'm worried the that there's been a significant loss now. I've maybe adjusted air 10-15 times... sometimes a descent amount of oil is left on my finger. The shock body (shaft) seems dry and the O ring seems drier too (small cracks forming from dry rot looks like.)
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I would contact FOX customer service to see what up!:confused: That does not sound right. I have the DHX A as well and have never had any oil come out of the valve core. Hope all works out. Good luck!
Some oil seeping from the valve is fine. If you feel that the seals are too dry then lube them up a little. I use a mix of 15wt fork oil and some slick honey to make a slury that keeps the stuff well lubed. If in fact the seals are dry rotting then there is no choice but to do an air sleeve rebuild.

Others are putting a few drops of fork oil in to the air chamber every few months and this has been working well for sometime now.
Technically speaking, you should remove the air sleeve twice a year and squirt oil inside. Fox seals are designed in such a way that contaminants are unlikely to get inside as the scrapers do a good job purging stuff out. It is a one way street, so to speak. As a result, oil gets slowly purged out as well.

The fact that you have oil coming out of the air valve is perfectly normal. To avoid it, let the bike sit for 10-15 minutes before messing with the valve, so all the oil runs off it.

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