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dhx air laziness.

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Hey Everyone! :)
I know I am being incredibly lazy here,so my apologies. Its just that I am off on a ride on my new Moment! :D tomorrow. I have never had an air shock and I guess I have set up the usual stuff.Just looking for affirmation really! ;) .
Anyhoo If any one out there has a moment and has set it up for all round trail riding with the Fox DHX air then please let me know the settings.
The Sag is sorted,according to the fox manual. I weigh 161 lbs and have put in about 169 in the main chamber.(contary to what alot of the forums are saying about excessive pressures??!).
Wait a minute. I need to post a pic of the new mount.
Then I will post a picture of the bike ;) .
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Ssssokay. Sorted. About 180psi in main.6 clicks propedal.125psi in Boost chamber.Rebound 2 turns less than half way.Bottom out with 2 indicator lines showing.

I can see my house from hereeeeeeee...........
Well, how did the ride go? Seems like there are a lot of us new Moment owners lately, likely due to the trade-in program?
Nah,no trade in....well...kind of.I bought an Id and just could not get on with it after two rides.only 5ft 7 and just felt kinda perched on the bike,other than that it was a very good and fast bike.I just lost all confidence with it,especially as it was my first full sus frame,coming from a Cove Stiffee.I am sure it works for alot of people,but as I am an impatient sod I didn't see any point in perservering!
Anyhoo I exchanged it for a Moment at great personal cost.I tell you what though,it was worth every blinking penny! I have fallen deeply in love and want to attack rock gardens for a living.
Will post a pic of said love interest on wed.UK.time.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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