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"Just unscrew the air canister 1/2 turn while it is on the bike, then remove shock to finish the job and drop some fox fluid or shock oil inside to prevent the dreaded STUCK DOWN."

Such simple instructions from the Fox Owner's Manual and fellow DHX Air owners.

Well, I spent just a little too much time this evening following those simple instructions. Here are some photos. Hopefully, they will help those who would like a better description of this procedure before attempting.

1. The air canister is NOT the part that has the FOD DHX 5.0 sticker. That is just a sleeve. You can turn it for an hour and nothing will happen. Grab the section below this sleeve and give it half a turn to loose in while the shock is still on the bike. If, like me, you waste time removing the sleeve (note the snap ring), getting oil all over, and have no grip on the air canister, wrap a rubber band around the air canister for grip.

2. The air canister completely unscrewed. I presume this is where you drop in the Fox Fluid or shock oil. You don't have to remove the air canister complet...

3. ... Too late! When the air canister slides off the shaft, you get the nice popping sound. Clean and re-lube the seals if you remove the air canister.

4. To screw the air canister back on, you will need leverage. Attach the shock back onto the bike (just with the bolts through the eyelets), and compress the shock to thread the canister back on. You can screw the canister hand tight with the shock attached to the bike and skin your knuckles on the pivot reinforcement... Or you can do it off the bike.

Hope this helps!


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