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DHX 5.0 air on a Prophet, opinons please.

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I've got a manitou 3 way on there at the mo but i've been offered a cheap DHX shock.

I'm perfectly happy with the 3 way but is the DHX a worthy upgrade.

Also i've heard about RP23 that low or high volume shocks are better/worse (i don't know which way round!) on a Prophet, does this apply to the DHX?


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no, it is not (a worthy upgrade). The dhx is pretty much useless imo, or not that great anyway. The shock you can get are either a manitou evolver isx6, pushed rp23 or a pushed van r. The dhx air has a terrible mid stroke - aka one blows right through it, but is ok in other regards. Personally i would go for the isx 6. I love that shock and plenty of others do to (check out the threads in the shocks and suspension forum).

i believe the standard voume is preferable for the prophet, though i haven't tried the latter.

the 3 way is a very good shock if you minimize the impact of the spv as the delay from the platform makes the ride a bit uncomfortable imo. Other than that it is great. A isx 1 is similar, just better so it too should be an option

good luck and to end with a quote from a professional shock tuner "the dhx is poo"
I like the DHX 5.0 air much more than the Swinger 3 way it replaced. The propedal platform lever is nice for when you're in the big ring to keep down the bob. I leave the platform off in the two smaller rings as it just isn't needed to prevent bob. I find the small bump compliance great, and the bottoming control on the small reservoir, when really cranked up, works well to prevent blowing through the stroke. I recommend it highly. I'm 200 lbs and ride a 2005 Prophet 2000. I think it was an outstanding upgreade. I'm no pro though, and only have experience with the Manitou.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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