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dhx 3.0

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Any 220 pounders out there riding the DHX air 3.0? I'm having a hard time dialing it in... any tips?
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What's it doing?...bottoming out?...or another problem? Is it on an Enduro?
It is on a enduro. I can't seem to find the sweet spot... too bouncy or too soft!!
Well, if I recall, that particular 3.0 doesn't have a Propedal adjuster or the ability to do any tuning to the boost valve. The 3.0 that comes on the Enduro has very little adjustment. The "too bouncy" deal could indicate you need more rebound damping, and that shock does have that. The "too soft" issue could be improved on an off-the-shelf DHX, but yours doesn't have much to work with. I hate that Spec put that type of shock on an otherwise great bike. We've had a base model Enduro on the floor at the shop with that 3.0 shock for many months now takers. The DHX-Air is a very good shock, but it isn't a great shock for a really heavy rider, and the 3.0 version makes it even tougher. To be honest, I'd recommend a coil that doesn't have the need for adding air to a piggyback chamber because you can't access it on the Enduro frame. Something like the Marz Roco might be a good choice.
I have an Enduro Elite with the DHX4, and I'm about 190. Chamber pressure is set at 195psi, propedal is one click off full (I realize you don't have this adjuster), rebound is 3 clicks from full. I think the Spec DHX airs need more air than the fox manual suggests, mine was way too soft at the recommended PSI.
I am around 225 myself, and have the base model 06 Enduro. I've got my shock set way higher than what Spesh recommends in the manual. 275 PSI in the main chamber, and about 3 half turns off of full on the rebound.

I still occasionally find I am bottoming the shock on any drops bigger than 3-4 feet to flat though.
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