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DH ? XC ? Freeride? What?

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Has anyone ridden one of these or written a review on one yet?

I need one I think..... 2 actually
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That defeats the purpose of having a bike...
If I were rich I could use one. My yard is too steep to pedal.
My favorite part? The steel toed work boots the "bomber" rider is wearing.
The only reasonable application for a motor on a mountain bike is for commuting or for general exploring to scope hills for trail building. Other than that they serve NO purpose for us as far as I'm concerned.
In a sick and twisted way, I think I want one of these (don't blame me, blame my friends who introduced me to lift-assisted mountain biking at Mammoth Mountain)
like a light dirt bike
I think it's a cool concept, kind of like a hybrid bike. Doesn't throw pedaling out the window but adds a power assist. I just want to know why it has all that sheet metal bolted onto it, they could drop a ton of weight by just leaving the tubes exposed.
Wow, crazy.

Its even backed by some of the best names in the business too!

I reckon DNM means "Does Not Move".
Being an ex dirt bike rider, I think these are TRICK. Hybrid MTB/Dirt Bike that use no GAS!.
I want one...
I do admit, this would be a cool way to get to class.
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Hey lets spam all the forums!

Sounds like its so weak, being forced to pedal all the time, that it wouldn't even do you any good on the steep hills. Anyone can pedal a DH rig all day on the flats.

It has the skin around the frame so you don't see how far you and your wallet got bent over with the cheap junk.
I think its pretty cool, the only issue I see is that those hub motors add a lot of unsprung mass, be better integrating the motor on the chassis instead...

I wonder what battery tech they are using...
if you were escaping from L A in the future and you have an eye patch this is for you. SMT?
dreaded single pivot....but it gots the monster
not really, stock form has an RST R1 or Sigma. Though you can upgrade to a White Bros Groove.
Gross. It's like the worst of both worlds. But I am thinking about putting some hookworms on my DH bike so I can put in some track days now...:shocked:
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