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DH Wheels

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I'm building up my Demo 8, looking for some wheels that will last more the one season:thumbsup:
Crankbrothers? Are they really worth the extra $$$

Whatcha guys rolling on?
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823s to Hadley's with DT Alpine spokes will last you many seasons
823's on dt 440s man. love mine. also have 721s on dt 440s
Iggz said:
823s to Hadley's with DT Alpine spokes will last you many seasons
823's on saints. They've worked great for 2 seasons, but the centerlock seems to be getting a little loose, no matter how tight they are. I'd go with hadley's or 440's next time.
Crankbrothers? Are they really worth the extra $$$

They are not! I own a set of Opiums and they have some issues, probably worth more on the $500 mark, no more, unless they improve their freehub design. They do look freeking cool though...
I-9's will take a beating and come back for more still looking beautiful and rolling smooth.
I have ridden dt swiss fr 2350 for a couple of seasons. They are solid. Weigh a claimed 2190g, which is only like 30g more than the deemax. I dont ride them now cause I stopped riding in the big stuff, so I am trying to sell them.
I'm riding mavic deetrax and I love them. They're far more budget friendly than the deemax rims and they're SUPER tough. I was running a 2.35 high roller in the back for awhile and I always ride in super rocky conditions. I have hit my back rim 4 times now on massive pointy rocks and thought for sure they would be dented. Once I got to the bottom I checked on all four occasions and was super surprised that my rims were still in perfect condition. They're a little heavier than the deemax but they're honestly the toughest rims I have ever seen.
Thanks for the heads up and all the great Info.

Azonic Outlaws. Cheap, reliable. Done.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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