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DH success on a drop bar bike?

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Who was it that won or placed very high in a downhill a year or so ago on a full rigid bike with drop bars? Was it F-B on a Cunningham? I think there was a picture even. Maybe Keyesville?
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Yup. Fillet Brazed was 1st over all in his class in 06.
Overall time was good for 6th vs the Pros. Simply amazing.

Far less impressive, I was 1st in class last year on my drop bar 85 Otis Guy.
Overall time was good enough for 12th vs the Pros.

I think I have DH times on the home computer from 06. Can't find them online anymore.
I wouldn't say far less impressive at all, unless you were 12th out of 12.

I've been following a minor debate of vintage versus new tech locally and figured that pic of FB might offer some perspective of how viable 'old' tech can still be.
keep in mind too that this course has been the same course for 22 years now for this race. there's a lot of pedaling too. what i mean by that is it's still vintage capable. a lot of todays down hill courses are just far too big and crazy for vintage bikes to compete in so to compare technology's you need to compare them to the old Keyesville course and some huge modern day downhill course with big drops, gaps, and other gnarly obstacles.

comparing vintage to modern on cross country trails might be easier.
A lot of the debate has been just that; folks commented that old tech is just to outdated to be usable even for XC. It really all stemmed from somebody looking for a good bike on a budget and some people steered him toward something older, even if it still had V brakes. Some of the young folk that have never ridden on a bike with quality rim brakes suggested that would be stupid. The only reason I can agree with that is if the person looking for a bike wanted something over 80mm travel, or if they ride in condition that are REALLY hard on wheels or have they REALLY bad technique.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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