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DH rentals near Keystone or Denver?

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I'm headin out to Denver (and I wanna ride Keystone) but I can't take the v10 because it's like $80 each way on the airlines. ANyone know a shop that rents DH bikes around those areas?
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Bring your own bike. Rental bikes suck. You will feel more comfortable on your own bike. Besides sweet talk the Airlines attendant that has worked a few times for me = no charge
what if its a guy do you still sweet talk them :confused: but i agree bring your own bike you will feal better on it. ive never rented a bike so i dont know how much they are but if your there for a while the prices might equal out and it would be worth it to bring your bike
nitro1636 said:
what if its a guy do you still sweet talk them

hey buddy......mind doing me a favor
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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