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Twas the nite before Worlds and all thru ridemonkey,
not a person was posting, not even about Sundays.

The helmets and armor were all hung up with care
with hopes that Rob Warner and Cedric soon they would hear.

The groms and vet-pros were all snug in their beds,
while thoughts of downhill runs raced thru their heads.

With my kids fast asleep, I enjoy a night cap
shaking off pain from last week's dirt nap.

The whole week on web we heard all the ruckus
so we fired up MacBooks to see what the fuss is.

We downloaded Quicktime, we re-installed Flash
sucking down bandwidth hoping not to crash.

Freecaster TV brought Italy right to us
They even had a tour of Matti Leikoinen's bus!

On the first summers night of 2008,
we set our alarm clocks so we wouldn't be late.

At the ass crack of dawn, and in some places earlier,
we all awoke to the thoughts of a course that got burlier.

Had it rained overnight? Did their lines all change?
Would they still hit those turns as fast as freight trains?

First off are the juniors, the kids who pin it
the future of our sport, which one will win it?

Bryceland, the Frenchie, or some new Aussie kid?
These boys are fast, they are indeed legit!

Next up are the women, who's in for the win?
Sabrina? Rachel? or maybe Floriane Pugin?

Then finally arrives the year's biggest dance,
we'd all give our left nut to ourselves have the chance.

Over one-hundred racers will today take the track
for the honor to wear the rainbow jersey on their back.

Early on come names like Payet and Cathro
did they crash in seeding or perhaps ran it slow?

The middle of the field is full of fast guys
all with a glimmer of hope that they'll win the prize.

Kiwis, Americans, and South Africans
all trying to go as flat out as they can.

It seemed like minutes but it was really hours
now the final riders start times are upon us.

There's a guy in the hot-seat as nervous as hell
that his time won't stand up to the next down the hill.

Will Peaty finally win one or will Sam keep his crown?
Perhaps Gee, or Minnaar, or Barel takes him down?

From all corners of the globe to Val di Sole,
Happy World Champs to all, and to all a good day!

Todd Seplavy​
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