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DH Friendly Shops in Edmonton

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I need to get my BoXXer Team rebuilt on my way through, just wondering if there is a shop that frequently deals with DH bikes that I can rely on.
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I suggest River Valley Cycle
The guys at Hardcore our great mechanics as well. they always make sure to use Torque wrenches and have a lot of specific tools for high end bikes as well as technical knowledge and profesional staff.

and no I don't work for them I just bought my bike there.
+1 to HC. Barry did fantastic work putting my bike together.
I have a strong bias towards Hardcore too , but there are lot`s of great shops in Edmonton depending on where you are . River Valley cycle , Pedalhead , Revolution cycle and Redbike are the top shops in the city in my opinion , but I would still go to hardcore ;)
I forgot , Mud sweat and gears seems to be a good up and comer as well , they are located in Sherwood park .
For DH stuff, I'd say Hardcore, RVC and Revolution are the best bets.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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