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DH frame sizing

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Hey, I've got a large Transition Preston right now and I'm looking at getting a Kona Operator FR. I'll be using the bike for mostly park riding (Mt. Washington / Whistler) and a few DH races for fun. I'm just not sure what size I should go for yet.

I'm 6'1" and ride a large Preston with a 60mm stem, it feels almost perfect if anything maybe a bit long. The effective top tube on the Preston is 23.9" and on the large Operator it's 24.5" with the medium at 23". Would the large be too long for me or would I be fine with a shorter stem?

Is it nicer for DH to have a slightly longer or shorter frame or is it just preference?

I would like to test ride one obviously, but my LBS doesn't have any in stock and it would be a special order.

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Unfortunately, with downhill bikes the TT length can be misleading. The best measurement to look for is reach. If the reach isn't listed, you need to account for chainstay length, wheelbase, HA and STA.
STA being very important. For 2 bikes with the same listed effective top tubes, the one with the steeper effective seat tube angle will feel longer when standing off the sadle (the "reach" (horisontal distance beween BB and top of head tube). Good example is the spec. Demo, very steep seat angle so feels quite long compared to its ETT. But its shortish chainstays help make up for that. You never quite know till yo sit on the bike and see how it feels.
thanks for the info, didn't think about the seat tube angle, guess that makes a big difference

the angle on the preston is only 71.5 opposed to the operator at 74.4

hopefully i can get the shop to bring in a med and a large...
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