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Hello, there! My name is Peyton, and I currently live in East Texas.

East Texas? Right... It's not known for much, and definitely not for mountain biking.

Over the past few years, mountain biking (specifically downhill and freeride) has become my passionate hobby. I have a Bachelor's degree, work a mundane job unrelated to my degree, and I'm tired of the Texas heat and terrain. I'd love to move to Colorado or New Mexico and live in or very close to mountain towns where I could ride multiple times a week, or at least every weekend, and a place where my future wife could focus on her photography (sports, action, people, & such).

Beside mountain biking, my main passion, life's endeavor, and educational background is Christian youth ministry.

If you know of any opportunities regarding this type of work/ministry in an area where dh/fr biking is available, would you please reply or private message the information to me? I'd be incredibly grateful.

This is an odd post, I know, but thanks for reading. You may not agree with the type of work I would like to do or my beliefs, but hopefully you can respect my love to ride.

Thanks again.
-Peyton P
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