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DFW area (new) old spot

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North Texas DJ'ers,
The trails at Dunlop are freshly rebuilt and fully "sanctioned" by the city of Arlington. There currently is a "pro" line 8 pack and a beg/int line of 5 big (8-10 ft long, 3+ft tall) tables along with a smattering of other stuff strewn about the place. We have more dirt being trucked in (the city don't want no holes) and a water hydrant on site so feel free to add something to the scene. We would like to keep it somewhat organized with long interconnecting rythyms though so if you do come out to dig keep this in mind pls.
Dunlop is located across from River legacy Pk on Green Oaks Rd in N Arlington.
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wow that is awesome ... with water on site too.

post up some pictures of the spot.
ver some pics
cool, sounds like a fun spot...
first jump in the big line: (the smallest)

they'll get bigger toward the end

the rest of the big line (for now) more dirt is on the way... that big empty spot will get another gapper to complete a ten pack the last two of are gonna be big

some smaller stuff scattered around

big tables in the back ground (need more work)

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Yo Crazy Jim

Where is the Rythem. Those jumps are soooo far apart.???
cmoney said:
Where is the Rythem. Those jumps are soooo far apart.???
the tables are a beg line and as such room has been left between

read the caption on the third pic, we are just starting building this stuff a lot more is on the way...
pics from a highly classified spot ihere n the metro (if I told you where they were I'd have to kill you)

pardon the quality I don't wanna give to much away.......

this rythym stretches on for about a 20+ pack (a big curve going slightly down hill)
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