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Devinci Dragonfly

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I'm in the process of narrowing my list to find an XC bike. The Dragonfly is looking like a good option, full XT and FSR linkage for around 3.5K. Does anyone out there ride one? The 05s have 100mm rear travel and only an 80mm fork. That seems like an odd combination. I could swap forks to 100mm but that might rake the bike out too much. Also would anyone suggest springing for the Moonracer? It's 2lb lighter and is full XTR, although I'm not too crazy about the Sid. The way I see it now is I can get the Dragonfly and upgrade the XT to XTR/XO as components break and wear out. The stock wheel set probably wont last too long since the trails around here are pretty technical. The wheels can will also be replaced as they fail. Any input from Devinci owners?
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