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Devil's Head Dh---wisconsin

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Devil's Drop Dh & link to course pics---wisconsin

course work will begin saturday july 22nd. i will post a link to some pics after that. anyone interested in lending a hand with getting the course ready is welcome. please post here if you would like to help or have any questions.



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here is a link to some course pics, sorry no ride shots

we aren't done yet (it's too easy) and will try to get some ride shots after the next work day
Online registration working yet for the DH? I can't seem to see it. Is it going to be $29 ?
yes the on-line registration is working. use this link.

you will need to set up a user id to do the on-line registration.

we finished the course this past saturday, august 5th. it is fast and tough with a lot of rocks. i had the first carnage with a destroyed break rotor. it should be a good race. hope to see you there.

ah ok cool i got it now: #9 Subaru Cup

Got any more pictures of the new carnage :)

How did you destroy a brake rotor if you didn't crash :)
we did snap a couple of pics but they aren't on my camera so i need to get them.

the brake rotor made an attempt to move some rocks. i didn't reallize it until i went to load my bike up again to take another run and i couldn't turn the rear wheel. the rotor is bent to the point that there are kinks in it.
here are some pics of some stuff that is starting to show up at my house for awards and give aways. a big thanks to Anchor Freeride, E-13 Components, and Back Door Bike Shop for this stuff


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im down for next year lol
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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