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DeViLs @ Da Face

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After several years trying we finally were able to squeeze a vacation, we headed to upstate NY to stay with some friends at their B&B (free stay) and decided that me and my son will take a day to ride.

Took advantage of my son's birthday and headed north to Whiteface, we arrived late but Downhill Mike had our bikes ready to go, we filled the paperwork, signed Little DeViL for the Mini DH race and off we went.

Have to tell you that being our first visit to a mountain bike park things went extra smooth and that the trails were really nice, Mike and the Whiteface crew were great making this riding day a great and memorable one.


LD finished 2nd on the Mini DH (youngsters group) and we had a great day due to great riding and the kid becoming a teenager.
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Thanks guys! Happy birthday again and thanks a ton for coming to The face. it was great meeting you.
nice pics
Come on dirtdevil, we want to hear more about the riding!
boogenman said:
Come on dirtdevil, we want to hear more about the riding!
What do you want to know, the trails were super fun and thanks to Mike's advice we're able to connect several of them on one run making them longer.

Trail 15 was my son favorite even thou 12 and 5 were also great, 6 and 7 were more cross country ish but we enjoyed them very much. The pump track is nice but we didn't had the skills to ride it completely without pedaling.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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