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Desperatly in need if info

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Hi. Is there anyone who knows if the 2010 Trek Top Fuel 9.9 SSL comes with BB30?

I have just placed an order for an 18,5 and i am starting to second guess it.

Is the bike to heavy? I cant seem to find the actuel weight anywhere.

Hope there is someone who can help me.
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Best thing to do is ask the seller for specific data.

If you're uncertain, or uncomfortable with the purchase, ask the seller to put it on hold until Monday when you can get the straight scoop from the folks at Trek.

It's better to deal with buyers remorse before accepting delivery, or making someone build up a bike you end up not wanting.
The Trek Top Fuel are BB90...which is essentually a pressed in bearing version of the standard external bearing system.

Here is a chart
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