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I've found that I like different features among different brands of tires and none of them is perfect. Which got me thinking what I would design if I could pick and choose among them all to create my ideal tire. Here would be the top of my list:

Tread: Rocket Ron and Racing Ralph (super fast dry and moist conditions racing treads)
Casing: 2.4 maxxis exo (best combo of light/durable)
Bead: wtb tcs (tight but really secure)
Compound: black chili (the stuff really does work)

Tread: Minion dhf (no explanation needed)
Casing: 2.5 maxxis exo
Bead: wtb tcs (looks like Maxxis might finally have a tr bead)
Compound: black chili

Tread: mutano (tread is awesome, wtb rubber is not)
Casing: 2.35 Hans dampf (really liked the size/feel on these and lighter than wtb)
Bead: wtb tcs
Compound: black chili

Post your own!
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