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Deore LX Crankset?

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Well i bent the hell of my stock crankset (Shimano Octalink), so I purchased the cheapest i could find - Jenson USA had a Deore LX for 85 bucks! came with bb.

I installed it my self, I was just wondering if anyone had experience (good or bad) with this crankset.

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by the way, super easy to install - I have a 2008 GT I-drive 5
Best bang for the buck going right now. I've got several of them.
Thanks wyosam,

cant wait to go out and ride
Excellent crankset, I have them on three bikes. You might want to think about having your bottom bracket shell properly faced if you haven't already. Since the cups tighten down against the outer edge of the bb shell, you could wind up having problems with the bearings aligning with each other and/or premature bearing wear if it is far enough off. I usually do my own work, but I let one of our "local" shops install one set of them and they just slapped it together without facing the bb shell, it was far enough out of whack to cause the drive side cup to crack.
can you explain the above a bit more? Thanks
I'm looking at the same crankset to replace my old Shimano LP-27 bb and M440 crankset on my old Kona Caldera. There wouldn't be any fitment issues, would there?
The LX line has always been halfway decent.
I got one of those LX cranks from Jenson near the beginning of this season. It was noticeably stiffer than my old Deore square taper crank. I have not had any issues to report yet.
04silverex said:
is that like halfway bad?
So you see the glass as half empty . . . .
I bought a set for one of my bikes then later bought another for my wifes.I run SLX on my other bike and the SLX has not changed much from the LX.It is a great crank and the best deal going at the moment.

Pisgah said:
So you see the glass as half empty . . . .
just funny, i actually this thing is bad a$$ for what i paid
thanks for all the input fellas
I ran that crankset for 5 years with zero complaints. You wont be dissappointed.
I only a week ago switched it out for a new SLX set when I replaced my whole drivetrain. The only reason I went with SLX is because I liked the black look.
wyosam said:
Best bang for the buck going right now. I've got several of them.
+2, plus a Hone on the Heckler.
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