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Denver/Front Range frame repair or modification?

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Any recommendations for frame repair and or modification on the front range/Denver area?

I would like the brake bosses removed from a cove handjob, and would like to see about getting a disc tab added to another frame.

Searched but found nothing really on point.

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You could also talk Chris at Generic Cycles.
Contact us at the shop below and we can get you in touch.
Eric Baar of groundupdesigns. 719.213.9148

His shop is down in Colorado Springs but he's the welder for daVinci Designs in Denver.

Fantastic torch & builder.

another option:

CDS Components LLC
Casey Dean Snyder
[email protected]
Spectrum in Colorado Springs repaired a friends (Mike at Arapaho Cyclery) Yeti, they fixed a cracked headtube and did the touch up on the paint too. I know that our Knollys were painted there too.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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