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Denver/Boulder Frame Welding Classes

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Does anyone have any recommendations for welding classes on the front range? I was quite interested in the classes offered by the Bicycle Institute in Oregon, but don't think I can make that happen.

I'm hoping to learn the basics of frame building and hopefully find a class where we actually build a complete frame.

Thanks for your help!

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Doin' TIG, brazing, Mig? What type of welding?

Henry James sells most of the stuff you need to get started with lugged brazing. Talk to Hank.

I found that brazing is the easy part. Cutting, filing, building a jig, getting everything aligned and fitted well, etc... are what's difficult.

I started with a practice "kit" that has lugs and some tubing to practice with.

You can also get tubing and supplies from Aircraft Spruce Supply.

They also have carbon fiber lay-up supplies at Aircraft Spruce.

Most of the stuff from airplane welding cross over into bikes... a.k.a Wright Brothers.

Oh yeah, try Yamaguchi. He used to teach also. Or maybe Eric Barr at Ground-up Cycles.

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Looking at TIG welding. Thanks for all the info!
Chris Kopp

Chris Kopp, former head welder at Yeti, offers classes.
Go here.
I have seen a couple of his bike is welds are pretty sweet.
Hit up DWF. I'd bet if you buy an Anvil frame jig he'd throw in some welding instruction for free :)
Thanks for all the help guys. I had looked at Chris Kopp's classes a few weeks back and it looks like he has almost doubled the cost for some reason when I went on his site today. Are there any other reputable places to take a class in Colorado?

Lastly, what is DWF? I guess I'm slow....

Thanks again!
starSIXEDit said:
what is DWF?
Hmmm, that's a tough one. I don't want to go there*...:D

*It could be a man - beard hybrdid?
starSIXEDit said:
Lastly, what is DWF? I guess I'm slow....
He's like an MTB yeti.. with a hip flask.
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This picture needs to go to Mountain Flyer or Bike.

Is that Palmer Park? Sweet shot. What bike is he riding? Is that a BMW?
Best thread ever!
discodave said:
Is that Palmer Park?

Is that a BMW?
Yes.. and yes.
I believe the reason Chris Kopp increased his price is because he is increasing the class length from 3 days to 5 days.

Nice drop, DWF!
If anyone is still listening to this thread...

I raised my rate for the following reasons;

1) As Golden Boy pionted out, the class went from 3 to 5 days.
2) The cost of the tube set is now included
3) A Chris King head set is included

It's still a 1 on 1 class with no distractions. You're not going to take anyones class and open a frame business the next day. It's a realistic approach with up front answers.

The TIG class is still 2 days and covers the basics, there is no magic to take LOTS of practice. All the people (12) that have taken my class have left with a rideable frame. The weld are by no means prefect, but the basic are learned and they're riding their bikes.

If anyone has any questions feel free to call or stop by.

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day-o said:
Try this and report back
:arf: :yesnod:
Thanks for the link, day-o. I only dreamed such a place existed. It's a great concept for people like me who live in a condo and can't even think about a home workshop.
Bumping this to see if anyone knows about local classes/ ways to begin experimenting with frame building? I can't take two weeks off of work and spend $3000 on Yamaguchi, but could take some time and spend some loots. Thoughts?
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