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I've dented the downtube in front of the bottom bracket on my '19 Trance29, but no cracks so its rideable. While i take responsibility for this dent, I feel like thin downtube walls contributed and I want to look into getting a frame replacement. I'd like to hear people's thoughts on this.

The dent results from log crossings that sometimes have enough stacked logs so I can roll them. Other times, there aren't enough logs stacked and I hit the downtube on the log. I rode an '09 TranceX on the same trails for years and didn't get dents from the log crossings. The 09TranceX had thicker downtube walls and larger chain rings on the crankset. I'm disappointed that the 19Trance29 dents so easily, but recognize I need to start walking those log crossings if I can't roll them.

I also wonder if a bash guard or a burlier bike, like the new TranceX, might allow me to take those log crossings without getting dents.

Here's a pic of the dent. Most of the paint was still on, but I scraped it off to check for cracks in the frame.

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