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Denatured solvent alcohol

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i was reading how to clean my brake rotors after they got pretty muddy and attracted gunk after a muddy ride and it said to use isopropyl alcohol. i dont have that but i have denatured solvent alcohol and was wondering if that is the same thing. i dont mind buying isopropyl alcohol as i know it is cheap but i was just wondering if i can use denatured solvent alchol as i have a lot of it.
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I used (when I had discs on my bike) 95% drinking alcohol and it worked just fine both on rotors and pads. Denatured alcohol, for all I know (just checked in Wiki to make sure), doesn't contain any kind of oil, only some amount of methanol, making it undrinkable. So you may clean discs with it without any problem.
be careful if its a high % methanol, that crap is very not good for you...i work in a lab, we wear gloves when we use that crap
If trail dirt is all you are trying to remove, plain water will work just fine.
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