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Demo gear?

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I'm from the East Bay so I don't know much about South Bay trails. What kind of gear is best for demo trails? Is normal gear gloves helmet enough or is it recommended to wear knee/shin, elbow/forearm, and full face or something in between? Just want to be sure I'm prepared.

Also, if anyone's going Sunday then I'd like to go as well. Let me know please.
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It depends on personal preference and comfort level. A lot of folks ride in "normal" xc type gear and take take the alternate lines around the stunts with no problems.

One other suggestion is to bring some eyewear that is clear or has just a little tint (amber, etc.). With full on sunglasses, it can get pretty dark in the forest.

Have fun and be safe out there.

If you plan on jumping some of the stunts, some level of protection is a great idea. Otherwise, lycra short and roadie helmet. :)
Bring your Ti singlespeed and a full face... :)

Depends on your skill levels. If you're looking to play on the stunts, bring the pads, otherwise, you're fine in your usual gear if you stay in control. Better safe than sorry out there!
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Demo is a really fun place to push your skills, whether that be learning to corner faster, log ride, or grab some air off stunt jumps.

I recommend clear or auto-darkening glasses. As mentioned the trees make portions of the trail pretty dark and light conditions change quickly.

I used to ride there in normal XC grear (helmet, gloves, sunglasses). As I started pushing a bit more (speed, log hopping, teeter todder, etc) I found I'm more comfortable with knee pads and elbow guards. I find the protection gives me a little more confidence, not necessarily to do something stupid, but to maintain speed hit the smaller stunts like you are supposed to (both of which can actually be safer depending on the situation).
Really, the only thing that is dangerous there is the drops. If you plan to ride 3 ft plus drops, bring full face and all padding. These can be find off Braille and Coral.

If you are just going down sawpit, Xc gear is fine.
Bring a bike and some beer for after the ride. All the rest is optional.
ikarus189 said:
Bring a bike and some beer for the ride. All the rest is optional.
Stripes said:
Dude.. how do you climb in that? I wish I could climb in mine, I felt very much invincible in mine :D
That's mark59. He doesn't just feel invincible, he IS invincible!
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