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Demo Days?

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Anyone know of any upcomming Turner demo days traveling to the Ventura/Los Angeles area? I would love to tryout the highly touted Sultan in a large.
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Check the website. If nothing is scheduled you could probably drive down to the Temecula HQ to try one out.
For $50 a day (sometimes you can work a deal and ride for close to two days) The Path will rent you a demo. They are about an hour south of LA
Stop by

and take one for a ride. Please call in advance so we can hide the proto stuff and more importantly make sure that he large is in house. Sometimes demos disappear for a couple days.

road trip!

Thanks to all for your posts.

Yeah, I figured it might come down to driving down to Turner (125 mi). The closest dealer to me is in San Pedro (64 mi). I'll have to find a day I can take off work, but it would be worth it to go right to the source!
You could also go this route:

I have not used them for a demo but have ordered from them, they seem to be a great company..
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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