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Well, i went into my LBS this morning to by a bike stand and ended up taking out a couple of bikes to demo.
First was a yeti 575 and it was amazing since i have been riding a 04 GT I-Drive 2.0.Firstly i was amazed at how well it climbed but went i pointed it downhill, well lets say i had a grin fron ear to ear.
After this i took it back and got a bike more suited to my style of riding which is xc, and came out with a Yeti ASR complete with Sram XX. Wow what a bike, it loves to climb and at close to 5 kg lighter than my I-Drive i was in wonderland, and best of all i have this bike for the next five days woohoo plenty of riding to be done on this machine me thinks and the hardest part will be giving it back on tuesday morning.

Couple of pics of said bikes


PS happy new year to everyone


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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