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Demo 8 fork?

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On to a better post :)

I am looking for a good fork recommendation for my new demo 8 frame (new to me).
Will be doing a little bit of racing, bit of trails (long DH trails) and some Whistler type stuff in the OR and WA.

Would you guys go with a single crown or a double?
I really like the freedom of the sc but dc has its advantages as well.

Was thinking either a 66rc2x or a rock shox team:confused:

Lemme know what you think.

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For racing and some high speed trials get a nice DC like the fox40, but if your doing more tricks and want your bike a little more flickable than get a 66rc2x. The DC is waaaayyy better for racing and high speed trails, id opt for the fox 40(best DC fork out there)
Hard decision

I just went through this same issue for my 06 Demo 8 frame. Well I got a screaming deal on a 888rc2x and couldent be happier. I have a 66 also but Its on my trail bike. So I drew the line in the sand. Trailbike over here, and Downhill sled over here.
I figure when I'm going big,,, I want a big stiff fork. With the 888 you get trail sensitivity and big hit proformance.
go with a tripple crown fork for sure. the bike is much better balanced.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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