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Demo 8 Drivetrain Help

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I was hoping someone could help me with a slight problem. My son has a Demo 8 II which I believe is a 2017. It has the Ohlins rear shock and a Rock Shot BoXXer front fork. Back in July we ordered a custom rear wheel from Industry 9. It finally arrived earlier today. When I ordered it I went over the specs of the bike based off the what is on the Specialized website. Demo 8 II Alloy | According to this he has an XD drive and a SRAM 11T-36T PG-1030 cassette. When we removed the cassette off the stock Roval wheel it did not have a XD drive. Also I can't find anywhere that shows the PG-1030 was ever compatible with the XD drive. He said he needs a 10 speed cassette otherwise he would need a new shifter and I can't seem to find one compatible with an XD drive. I have confirmed this a misprint on the part of Specialized. He had never taken the cassette off otherwise he would have known it did not have an XD driver. I guess my options are to call Industry 9 and try and swap to an HG driver or just buy a new cassette and shifter. His current driver and cassette need replacement anyway so I guess the only extra cost would be the shifter and deciding on a 7 or 11 speed cassette. He mainly uses the bike around town and riding trails. Actual downhill is like 5-6 times a year. He likes the Demo 8 on trails over his Stumpjumper because it has much better components and a vastly better suspension. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you.

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