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So I have an 08' Demo 7 with the Marzocchi 66RCV. I've developed a bad clunk in the fork after only about 4 days of riding. After researching I've come to the conclusion these forks have problems that may or may not be fixable or at least need more than average servicing. Not to mention the time to send them back to Marzocchi does not appeal to me.

What do people recommend using? I realize Specialized moved to the Totem.

Will a dual crown fork such as a Fox 40 work well with the 7" of rear travel?

Thanks in Advance,

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I don't think there is any issue using dual crown 200 mm travel with the demo 7.

There are a few members on this forum who have done just that. The only issue is that your demo 7 no doubt has 1.5 in head tube where as most dual crowns I have seen come in the 1.1/8th head tube flavour so you may be looking at headset replacement unless you can get reducers for yours.

As for the 66 RCV I would suggest stripping it down and giving it a service yourself. There are plenty of on line guides on how to look after your forks. You might find that the clunking is something easy to put right yourself.

I'm still running the 66 RCV that came on my 08 Demo 7 and have stripped it down completely and rebuilt with no issues. Even had a rebound damping issue, turns out that the collar on the rebound cartridge became jammed, only took some light persusian and all was good.

Check out the Demo thread, I think HonourableGeorge did what you are talking about.

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