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The Dekerf UK ordering site is now up and running.

Please have a browse of the full 2006 model range.

Ordering couldn't be any easier now that we have implemented all our frames and options into our online speccing and ordering facility.

Simply select the frame required with the options you need and start the ordering process.

Our frames are built one at a time in our Vancouver BC facility by Chris Dekerf, so we will require a non refundable payment for your order.

Build time is estimated between 6-12 weeks however as life sometimes dictates things can happen more quickly or on the odd occassion slightly longer.

About Dekerf:
Dekerf Cycles was founded through the uniting of two passions, the first being a passion for building things by hand. By this we mean the bringing together of traditional hand skills, with modern equipment, and innovative designs. The second passion is for riding bicycles. We believe there is no substitute for gaining appreciation for what our customers want in a bike frame, than by passionately riding one ourselves. These two passions, building and riding, are the foundation of Dekerf Cycles.

Kindest regards.
Jamie Whitfield
T 07803 205121
F 01642 308278


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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