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In the beginning, there were hand made mountain bikes. Then the Stumpjumper came along as the first mass produced mountain bike. The next year, two companies jumped on the band wagon. They were SR from San Diego and Univega from LA. Bikes from those companies were snapped up faster than either company expected. That would be because they cost at least a hundred bucks less than the Stumpjumper.

In small wheeled bikes (26") you can buy a pretty good bike for around five or six hundred dollars. So, why hasen't anybody come up with a twenty niner for six or six and a half that would be essentially the same as the smaller wheeled bike, but with the larger more voluptious riding wheel? It seems like this arena would be pretty easy pickings for KHS (who I have personally been bugging for two years) (even loaned them a bike to try out) or one of the other small companies. It's not like I'm saying they should put drop bars on it or anything. They should, but I'm not saying it. Besides, it would be a hard sell; just ask Bridgestone and Specialized. Oh yes, that's when The big S had "Innovate or Die" as their slogan. Maybe it should have been "Innovate things that sell easily in large quantities even if they aren't really innovations or die". Or; "Complicate or Die". Whoops! slipped into stream of consiousness mode. Sorry, I'll slip back under my rock, now. Hey, I said "rock, now".

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