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Dehydration=No joke.

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*Dehydration=No joke. For those that were at the SS-Social Sunday morning, I'm sorry about the No-Show.

I'd spent this Weds doing a BBQ for work, grilling/etc, then another one Saturday. By the time I got home after 2pm Saturday, I was feeling really bad. Mind you, no sunburn, just tired. I'd been hydrating a ton and guess what.. didn't matter. I ended up sick, with a headache, and severe nausea to the point it became blood coming out.

I used water, no soda pop at all. I even used a supplement, along with the food intake (Hot Dog/Chicken/Salad). I have never had any issues in the past.

So remind yourself, even in the best of conditions, stuff can happen. I'm remembering someone's experiences here with a family member, and feel horrible for putting my family through this, apparently, as the Doctor said..

"Conditions were just right enough that you likely didn't see it coming. Get some rest."

lesson, drink before you're thirsty, and even then, drink some more. It's been not only really hot out, but also very dry.
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I would guess that heat is the bigger risk factor in this equation. When you're riding in 65-degree weather, you can neglect your fluid intake all you want, and all you'll get in the end will be more thirsty. But, do the same in 90-degree weather, and you'll literally be putting your life at risk.
People often underestimate the demands of being the Charcoal Wrangler

Sure, it looks easy to those simply standing around in the shade slurping cocktails making moves on your wife behind your back. Those of us who do the real work know better. Soldier on, bro'.
as for hydration, two things to look at, if you don't need to go pee every hour and a half or so you are not drinking enough, and it when you pee, it is not pale in color, you are not drinking enough.....

you would be surpirised how much you need to drink to meet those two requirements.
Something that changed my life in a dramatic way, and nobody talks about is hydration at night.

I have a bottle next to my bed. I wake up in the middle of the night and drink a half liter or so.

Go ahead and laugh. But I went from a dehydrated zombie to a re-inflated and alive person. It took me years to figure out why I was waking up sick.
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