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Deer Valley NORBA Pro DH pics (Many)

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x-post from Ridemonkey:

Me and Caitlin hung out near the bottom of switchback hell during the pro Mens and Womens DH finals, and I got some pics. I got all of the Pro Men, most of the Pro Women. If you'd like to see a pro racer I haven't posted, ask and include a number plate/bike and I'll see if I have it. They're all pretty crappy, thanks to my lack of sports shooting knowledge, and use of a compact camera (I don't have a high enough ISO), but life goes on.

If you're intuitive, you'll notice these are in order by numberplate...scroll through the crap, maybe you'll find what you need.

Switchback fun. By today the course was hammered into ruts, holes, and moondust:


Needles (not EC as I'd said before...memory lapse)

Hannah maybe yes? I don't follow racing closely...


One of the Canfields (Chris, I believe)

Just thought it was a cool shot...ish.

Pete Shaffer


Sanjay...about to huck the gnar-gnar gap

Karl Rogne

The end...
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cool! thanks for all the pics!!

looks like the fox 40 is the way to go for DH racing. seems like most of the forks were fox 40's or boxxers.
Little Camera takes Big Pics

Dude, those turned out pretty well! Got Sam or Sabrina?

Yeah, but both turned out like ****.

I need a dSLR. :(

You didn't happen to see Pete post race, did you? Wanted to ask him to see how he'd done...

I am not sure... is he the guy we saw testing the new Judge when we were up at DV on the Fourth? If so, he dumped it HARD coming into the top of the switchbacks and did a sweet headstand in the trees. He was okay, but waited for the next rider to go by before hopping back on.

I walked the section after the race and it was completely different from the last time I checked it out. The rooty drop used to have a bit of a lip, but now it is two feet further back and completely eroded into dust... sick. Wear a ventilation mask next time, eh?


bleu said:
Yeah, but both turned out like ****.

I need a dSLR. :(

You didn't happen to see Pete post race, did you? Wanted to ask him to see how he'd done...
Yeah, that's him, from Guthrie's. That sucks that he wrecked. We'll have to hit it on Saturday and see if it's any better.

Full results, stolen from RM...

Pro women

1 Tracey Hannah (Aus) Edge Cycles 3.32.43
2 April Lawyer (USA) Maxxis 3.39.67
3 Sabrina Jonnier (Fra) Monster Energy/Iron Horse 3.45.02
4 Amelia Colasurdo (USA) Bear Naked/Cannondale 3.45.77
5 Lisa Myklak (USA) Morewood Bikes Usa 3.46.06
6 Tenille Smith (USA) 3.57.87
7 Jackie Harmony (USA) Brodie/Cactus 4.02.08
8 Katie Holden (USA) Sombrio/Bombshell/Deity 4.03.21
9 Anka Martin (RSA) Honda/Ironhorse 4.06.15
10 Darian Harvey (USA) 4.06.46
11 Katrina Strand (Can) Scott/Marzocchi 4.09.96
12 Leana Gerrard (USA) Bear Naked/Cannondale 4.15.81
13 Joanna Petterson (RSA) Morewood Bikes 4.18.33
14 Wendy Reynolds (USA) Bear Naked/Cannondale 4.24.48
15 Michelle Camp (USA) Kona/Mcfatson 4.34.16
16 Allegra Rau (USA) Velo Bella/Kona 4.35.86
17 Stephanie Hatalsky (USA) Astrix 4.52.57
18 Carol Gibbs (USA) Ellsworth 5.34.95
19 Neven Steinmetz (USA) Full Tilt Cyclery 6.02.67
20 Jessica Vogt (USA) Turner/Wahoos 6.15.38
DNF Addie Lepper (USA) Go Ride/Maxxis/Xbalm/Harbt Wear/Amys/Odi/661
DNF Britney White (USA) Morewood Bikes

Pro men

1 Greg Minnaar (RSA) G-Cross Honda 2.49.60
2 Sam Hill (Aus) Monster Energy/Iron Horse 2.50.98
3 Bryn Atkinson (Aus) Gt Bikes 2.53.28
4 Matti Lehikoinen (Fin) G-Cross Honda 2.54.36
5 Jared Graves (Aus) Yeti/Fox 2.54.86
6 Cody Warren (USA) C-Dub Racing 2.56.89
7 Jared Rando (Aus) Giant/Michelin 2.57.91
8 Duncan Riffle (USA) Honda Iron Horse 2.58.17
9 Amiel Cavalier (Aus) Giant/Sram/Rockshox/Smith 2.58.38
10 Luke Strobel (USA) Downhill Zone/Turner/Fox Racing Shox 2.58.61
11 Andrew Neethling (RSA) Mongoose 2.59.17
12 Kain Leonard (USA) 3.01.03
13 Andrew Mitchell (Can) Cove/Sram 3.01.53
14 Evan Turpen (USA) Iron Horse/Fox Shox 3.02.37
15 Justin Leov (NZl) Yeti/Fox 3.03.61
16 Justin Havukainen (USA) Monster Energy/Iron Horse 3.03.77
17 Cole Bangert (USA) Morewood Bikes 3.07.06
18 Rich Houseman (USA) Yeti/Fox 3.08.42
19 David Klaassenvanoorsch (USA) Khs Bicycles 3.08.46
20 Waylon Smith (GBr) Khs 3.08.73
21 Joel Bain (Aus) Cannondale/The Cut/Cvc 3.09.54
22 Christopher Canfield (USA) Canfield Bros. 3.10.02
23 Andres Jaramillo Botero (Col) Specialized/Herragro-Columbia 3.11.58
24 Ian Odom (USA) Khs 3.12.81
25 Matt Thompson (USA) Big Crank Racing 3.13.19
26 Doug Ewer (USA) Team Big Crank 3.13.21
27 Kyle Adams (USA) Odi/Southridge 3.15.17
28 Steve Wentz (USA) Turner/Wahoos 3.15.24
29 Christopher Herndon (USA) Cane Creek 3.15.27
30 Connor Macleod (Can) Cove Bikes 3.15.83
31 Matt Fisher (USA) Turner/Wahoos 3.16.29
32 Billy Owczarski (USA) Down Fast Racing 3.16.37
33 Mike Haderer (USA) Foxshox/Yeti/Easton/Michelin 3.16.79
34 Karl Rogne (USA) Go-Ride 3.17.71
35 Lars Sternberg (USA) Fluidride/Ironhorse 3.17.79
36 Chris Heath (USA) Pedal The Peaks/Ironhorse/Smith 3.19.41
37 Sean McClendon (USA) Aventcycles/Bombshell/Smith 3.19.60
38 James (Jp) Lutterloh (USA) Go-Ride.Com 3.19.79
39 Ian Richards (USA) Specialized 3.20.05
40 Keith Mott (USA) Khs 3.21.18
41 Daniel Weinman (USA) Paradise Power/Taos Cyclery/Maxxis/Azonic 3.21.22
42 Mitchell Delfs (Aus) Cur/Manitou/Shimano 3.22.44
43 Jonathan Neethling (RSA) Morewood 3.22.45
44 Jason Simon (USA) Pedal The Peaks 3.22.46
45 Quinton Spaulding (USA) Khs Bicycles 3.22.62
46 Ryan Cranston (USA) Ruby Canyon/Specialized/Shimano/Smith 3.23.31
47 Sanjay Shanbhag (USA) Commencal 3.24.23
48 Garrick Anderson (USA) Avent/Bombshell 3.25.41
49 Tim *Tj* Sharp (USA) Yeti/Fox 3.27.48
50 Mihai Moga ROM Big Crank Racing 3.28.23
51 Ryan Condrashoff (USA) Planetx/Michelin 3.28.54
52 Ryan Finney (USA) Wtb/Fox/Santacruz 3.28.59
53 Jorge Jaramillo (Col) Ild Santa Cruz/Herragro-Columbia 3.29.50
54 Des Curry (NZl) Odi/Smith/Romic 3.29.74
55 Curtis Zamora (USA) Down Fast/Troy Lee 3.30.78
56 Mark Christensen (USA) Blue Dart Racing 3.31.90
57 Eli Krahenbuhl (USA) Fox/Arrow/Oakley 3.33.66
58 Dante Harmony (USA) Brodie/Cactus 3.33.79
59 Jim Beckman (USA) Fetish Cycles 3.37.34
60 Travis Bond (USA) Yeti/Fox 3.50.64
61 Peter Shaffer (USA) Blue Dart Racing 4.08.31
62 Jeff Evans (USA) Khs/Utopia 4.11.71
63 James Schwanke (USA) Khs/Kenda 5.15.15
64 Sven Martin (RSA) Honda/Ironhorse 5.53.59
65 Jonathan Canfield (USA) Honda/Ironhorse 11.55.25
DNF Ben Bell (Aus) Yeti/Fox Racing
DNF Dave Ziegman (USA) Big Crank Racing
DNF Matt Johnston (USA) Go Ride/Lost Art Tatto0
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nice pictures, i need to go out there some time when my dad goes
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