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Dee max rear hub pawls

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Two questions about rear hub pawls….

1 : I got a 2007 Dee Max wheel set and its rear has ITS4 System …According to Mavic website the four pawls work 2 by 2 …When I have opened the freehub….only 2 of the pawls are up hung by the spring…Is it OK as if they have to work 2 by two ? Or no in a neutral position when the freehub is out all four must hang up ?

2 : One of the pawls had an issue so want to replace it with another one from a non Mavic hub….What factor is the most important for the new pawl to fit in ? As I have many many pawls from broken hubs in the barn…

Width …Length …Head angle….seat curve ?
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I don't understand what you're asking in your first question, not sure what you mean by "hung up by the spring". The pawls will work in pairs so when two of the pawls are engaged on the teeth of the body then the other two will be pressed down. When the body turns, the pairs of pawls alternate one pair engaged, one pair compressed, and they repeat.

On the second question, pawls can not be exchanged from hub to hub. I don't know off hand what year Mavic changed their pawl design, but they are currently using a harder pawl with a plastic carrier. It works much better than the old one piece pawls.
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