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Back at it and LOVIN' it!
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First I want to start off with a HUGE thanks to all the folks who answered my threads!!! :smilewinkgrin:

I really thought this bike buying thing would be A LOT easier...boy was I WRONG!!! I figured I'd be walking in to a store riding my original 15 choices and calling it a day

After weeks of research...driving many miles to look at nothing...asking A LOT of questions...driving my friends completely nuts...the decision has been made...

First a note to all those folks asking questions early on a Sunday morning and expecting a lot of answers...its not going to happen...EVERYBODY IS OUT RIDING or recouping from Saturday's ride

Well here it is...

Again I started at Specialized...hardtail...$800 ballpark price - Moved to a Kona...couldn't find one to ride - Went to a Gary Fisher...couldn't find one and the warehouse did sell out...the '09s are right around the corner - This all lead me back to Specialized because I could go to a store...Black Mountain Bicycles in San Diego...ride multiple bikes in multiple sizes and make a rational decision - Kona...take note...nobody in the San Diego has your bikes to try - The Specialized FSRxc Pro...full-suspension and doubled the dollar amount - Aaaahhh the bike industry using that carrot on a string philosophy perfectly - You know..."Hey buddy for an extra $100 more you can get this upgrade that would cost you double if you bought it separate"...and I'm one of those suckers...$800 dollars beyond original thought and here we are - NO REGRETS...I'm going to ride the hell out of this investment...I can't wait - So don't expect answers to threads on the weekends...I'LL BE RIDING!!!

Thanks again to you all! :cornut:
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