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Decision time.

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I've been trying to save money to get a new bike this fall.

I've narrowed my choices down to Trek, Specialized, and Haro. One of bike shop deals both Trek and Specialized while another has Haro.

I really like Specialized FSR XC which one of bikeshop has for $1,500. I also like possibility if I can get little extra money to buy a Specialized Stumpjumper FSR.

I've also looked at variety of the Trek Fuel in the $1,500-$2,500 range.

One of bike shops I usually frequent and ride with guys there, got a Haro Shift4 (I think that what it was.) They've been praising the components on the Haro, and I think it can be sold to me around $1,200-$1,400 bucks. I might be able get it a little cheaper.

I just want a full-suspension bike for XC. Just enough to tackle very rooty terrains, rocky paths, short jumps/drops, bermy turns, sharp descend, and some long climbs.
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If you have any luck at all like mine....

you will buy the cheaper bike that you could get, even though you really sorta, kinda, inaway, wanted the other one, but just couldn't pony up the extra $150.00.

Then, the first time you go out, you hit a tree, but one of your brakes, rip a derailleur off, or blow out a rim. You now have to pay for the repair/replacement of said part that you broke, thus reducing the savings you just got on the bike. Personally, I like the Trek EX out of that group, the Specialized is similar to the Trek, while I only know Haro from my younger days. You will be happy with any of the three.

Ride all three (or however many) and ask yourself this:
1.) Which one felt the best.
2.) Which one makes me want to ride it.
3.) Which one am I staring at the most.
4.) Which shop did I feel most comfortable working with?

These four questions will guarantee you will get the right bike (at that moment) for you. If they are all close in price, then components will be close. Oh, and check warranty.

Good luck, and post a pick when you decide! :thumbsup:
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Why not make the decision when you are ready to purchase?
Parts are easier to upgrade than a frame down the road. Save money by buying a last year model if there's no major differences. Out of the three choices, Specialized gets my vote for the small details in their frames.
Correction: it was actually a Haro Shift7. I think I'm willing to spend up to $2,500. Sucks being in college and not having full time job. lol. Instead of doing some upgrades on my hardtail, I figured I just save the cash for a full-suspension. I've pretty much abused my hardtail.
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