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After months of research & deliberation, I narrowed my choices to the Giant Trance models, Gary Fisher Cakes, Enduro, XC FSR and a couple of Trek Fuels.

My decision was strongly influenced by price. I couldn't afford anything over $1800. Because of this, I didn't really think I could get the Stumpy (as you guys have so endearly dub it) with the right stuff that I wanted so I left it out of the equation.

So, I go into my LBS in Reseda, CA, to try an lower level Enduro, an XC and a Fisher Cake. As I enter, I see all of the beautiful Stumpy's and my eyes focus right on the price tag on a 100 FSR Comp Disc.... $1799!

With Hydro Avid Discs? Yes! With Fox Float Triad w/lockout? Yes! With Manitou Fork with lockout? Yes! XTR componentry? All that I was looking for and SUB $1800. I even got a 5% student discount.

Now, I think to myself, I will have nothing to upgrade (I've been upgrading my $500 Trek Hard Tail to death - almost $1200 now :eek: ) but I know I'll catch the bug again with my new Stumpy.

I put a significant "down" on it, but it will take a month or two to fully pay-off. So, for now, I'll be reading through your (our :D ) nice forum - waiting in anticipation.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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