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"How fast does it go?
Top speed depends on the device you ride, your size and weight.... and the thrust produced by the Model of THRUSTPAC you purchase. Generally 25 to 35 MPH on a bike and much slower in a canoe!!"

"How does the THRUSTPAC work?
Generally a gas motor is connected to a propeller and forces air rearward to produce forward thrust. You put it on like a backpack and slip the CONTROL GLOVE onto your hand. Pull on the over the shoulder starter and control the speed by bending your finger to speed up and relax it to slow back to an idle!!"

(emphasis mine).
:confused: :skep:

i can hear the personal injury attorneys lining up already: "my client simply was changing gears via his trigger shifter when the thrustpac propelled him forward and off the bike into the tree."

...and my favorite:
"Is it loud?
The THRUSTPAC motors are very quiet. The propellers make the sound you are familiar with on an airplane."

see (rather, hear) video above. sure, quiet as an airplane. :lol:

god bless american innovation. :thumbsup:

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Bend your finger to accelerate.... I am picturing my hand on the bars and brake lever... Aahh - come again? So the thrustpac pushes me forward when I try to brake?
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