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Dealing with little to no elevation trails

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We have an area here in Louisiana that the USACE are willing to allow us access to, but the problem is little to no elevation change. The water level in the swamp can very any where from 8 -12 feet depending on the time of the year. The trails that are currently in use for ATVs and hikers is pretty much the highest points, and any trails that we cut lower will most assured by underwater during the spring months. I was wonder what others have done with this sort of land issues.

We can look into raising some areas with fill dirt, but it would have to be approved by USACE and an environmental impact survey would have to be done. That could take 2 years to approve. We are looking into some FreeRide sections, but want to keep the trail as natural as possible. Thanks
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Fantasy Island trail in Tucson, AZ is pretty much flat, but is fun as heck because the trail builders made the best of what was there. That trail dives in and out of small drainages, and makes use abandoned garbade and piles of dirt (it was built on an old dump). It winds back and forth upon itself multiple times and has bermed turns. Picture a tame BMX track stretched out over many miles.

Could you guys make small bridges over the low-lying areas? Build up some berms and a few tabletop jumps? Add some whoop-de-doos?

Thanks for the feedback. As a middle aged Old Schooler who built two BMX tracks, that is just what I had in mind. We have to be careful to keep the environmental impact in mind, but I would say that berms and hills 4-6 feet would due just fine. I think a Push track would do well in the area as well.
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