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X-post here from the training thread:

I'm a clyde, 6 ft currently 259 lbs (down from 275 at the end on April), 35 -1/2 yrs old. This year I've experienced something new: DEAD LEGS. For the past 6 months my legs have felt like they have no power and aren't recovering from rides and training. They start aching from the start or a ride (not burning, more a worn out just don't have the juice type ache), but seem to get a little better after an hour or so. Don't know if it's related or not, but also this year I've noticed on the start of a ride I will run out of breath faster than towards the end of a ride AND my heart rate rises faster at the beginning than the end.

I've been on Advair and Singulair for the past three years for exercise asthma. I eat healthy (mostly proteins and veggies, more carbs on gym days). I ride to work everyday, which is 14 miles round trip in somewhat hilly country, and usually not hard to avoid over training (the two gym days consist of total body conditioning classes that hit all the muscle groups at a high tempo).

So aside from age, I'm at a loss to explain this lack of energy in my legs. If you need more info, let me know. I don't know if I'm missing vitamins, fiber, fish oil, or what. Thanks.


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I don't know specifically what your problem is but I've had problems recovering and rebuilding when I haven't had enough water. My legs definitely stay sorer much longer if I am not properly hydrated.

Rest is also really important to recovering after a good workout.

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Hey Tim. First, when are we riding? I gotta get some folks to caravan up to Post or sumting. Anyway, my diet has more to do with how "well" I feel like I'm riding than pretty much anything. It has swung both ways. To my surprise when I went "veggy" for a month or so (just because, don't ask...) I ate good/healthy and even at the end of the month I didn't feel "strong" or "normal" after about an hour of cranking. The same thing happens when I "let go" and eat like I'm back in college...I feel slow(er) and can not recover. I've found "balance" in my diet (not all good for you or chocolate chip cookies) I feel good/ride good. I also take a good multi-vitamin for men. That seems to help.

I'm not a Dr. but I've heard some of those asthma meds can wreck some folks.

Good luck man.


PS: you going to Barbie?
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